Security Systems for the Door Furniture

November 8, 2017 Posted by kyu7

Door furniture security systems help detect unauthorized entry into a house or building. Security systems can either be included by the door furniture suppliers or you may need to purchase a tertiary security system and have it added to the door. There are both domestic and commercial security systems. The variety and scope of the security systems differs significantly between the different solutions. You will therefore need to review the various options before settling on an appropriate security system.

Secure Locking System

Most home makers rely on the interior construction company or the contractor to determine the type of door locks to be used onto your doors. However, most contractors lack a professional understanding of secure locks and they will in many cases compromise security to aesthetics. Therefore, it is always advisable to seek the advise of a professional locksmith before settling on the appropriate lock for your door. With an advanced modern lock, you can be much more secure at home as compared to having the conventional locks that come with most door furniture suppliers. Having advanced locking systems ensures that you do not have unauthorized duplication of keys. This is especially so for office doors that have more than one person with the keys. Besides this, the locks cannot be picked by regular thieves and this ensures that your house remains safer and more secure. Most door furniture suppliers will not provide doors with these extras.

Audit and Surveillance

Another level of door furniture security systems is automated locking solution that allows for monitoring of the door for both security surveillance and audit purposes. Various solutions can be applied although the most common is CCTV. By having 24 hour surveillance, you not only keep track of who enters into a house or a building but you also keep thieves away from your house. The video surveillance will keep the potential thugs away as they would rather not get recorded. There are both commercial and domestic surveillance and audit security solutions. However, door furniture suppliers may not have a door package that includes these surveillance systems. They can however, refer you to the appropriate dealers to assist in installing the security system.

Multiple Level Security

This types of door furniture locking systems will in most cases apply for commercial offices that require multiple level of authorization. With these security systems, people can have different access levels to different doors within an office building. The combination of the doors that a particular person can open can also be determined easily by a centralized security control system. The door therefore will have an automated locking system that is able to read the access key for every person and determine if they have access to the room. The system can also provide temporary passes or give access to specific keys only at given times of the day. This advanced door furniture security systems are ideal for offices that have complex roles for the staff where different access levels are needed. Such advanced levels of security will not come with the doors that have been supplied by the regular door furniture suppliers.

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